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Will it make the boat go faster? by Ben Hunt-Davis

Winner Announcement

12th October

The winner of our Book Competition’ Will it make the boat go faster’ by Ben Hunt-Davis is Nicky Waterson.

A Big thanks to Nicky for sharing our facebook page image, as a result she has won the inspiring signed book by Ben Hunt-Davis, who tells the story of how simply working together as a team and asking the simple question, if we do x, ‘Will it make the boat go faster?’

What will your clinic’s question be? Will doing x help me gain 5 new clients per month? Will doing increase my turnover by 5% above my target this month? Will I be able to sell x products to my exisiting customer from easy, cheap marketing techniques? Whatever your question, you too can focus and achieve your goals. It took Ben Hunt-Davies 7 years of not winning an Olympic Medal and 2 years of asking the right question to eventually winning an Olympic Medal. Good luck and tell us what your question is on our facebook page…