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22nd February

Stay with me on this one, there’s an important message here, that you can implement in your business. Well, I went to Staples today. Not my usual port of call but I needed some printer ink. I usually use a cheaper supplier, who are not only more cost effective, but offer delivery free of charge and in a very timely manner. Saving me the time, effort and money.

So this is a story about how Staples ensure that their business is on the ball. Well, they train their staff to suss out their customers and deliver the information depending on their answer. Just simple stuff, right? Our conversation went a bit like this…’Do you usually buy your printer ink elsewhere?’  I was so stunned, that he caught me off guard, to which, I guiltily replied ‘Yes’. I was a bit embarrassed, but knowing it was cheaper and more importantly, more convenient, I felt justified. He then went on to say that I would benefit from saving money if I returned any old printer ink cartridge next time I came in. If I used my Staples account card, he pointed out I would even get extra money back. Not only that, but if I took my invoice in they would even price match. I was so impressed, by the company’s efforts to get to know their customers, and ensure that their message was delivered effectively that I thought I’d share it with you. It was all wrapped with a nice smile and a friendly chat. Good work. So what are you doing to check on your customer’s habits? And what can you say to help make them use you more?