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Sclerotherapy Training

Microsclerotherapy Training

Sclerotherapy has been used in the treatment of varicose veins for over 150 years, however, work that developed in the 1940’s on developing safety and efficacy, saw an importance in the development of sodium tetradecyl sulfate, a product still widely used today. This was refined for the treatment of thread veins, and this is what we now call microsclerotherapy. When we break down the medical term, micro simply refers to the very small veins targeted and sclerotherapy is made up of two Greek words meaning to destroy veins by inflammation.

If you are looking to expand your services and introduce a different client demographic into your clinic then we are here to help one step further than just training. We are now giving away FREE personalised flyers and a marketing strategy (worth £497) for you to use digitally and via hard copy. So now there is no excuse about not having enough time, who would my target audience be, how do I market this treatment? If you want to expand your services and offer everything under one roof for your clients so they don’t get tempted to venture elsewhere, then Honey Fizz is the best place not only for learning the Sclerotherapy technique, but also launching it into your practice.

So just to recap as part of your training you will get:

a) digital copy of the flyer for facebook, twitter, your website and your blog posts too

b) hard copies of the flyer, just simply send us all of your contact details, and logo before the course and we’ll personalise the flyers and prepare them for you. Don’t worry, we’ll send you a list of everything we need from you

c) a marketing plan for launching your new treatment, which includes content for blogs, tweets, emails and website content, plus strategic planning for implementing them all.

So what’s the catch?

Well there isn’t any. We ultimately want you to succeed and if that means giving you everything that you need in order to do that, then we are happy to support you.

In order to offer a leg thread vein removal service that is going to get the opportunity fly successfully, you need to attend our training course.

Your sclerotherapy training course will give you the following:

  • Full day sclerotherapy training
  • Sclerotherapy theory
  • Sclerotherapy practical
  • Supplier details
  • Hard copy of presentation
  • Electronic copy of presentation
  • After care information
  • Certificate for insurance
  • Marketing Flyers
  • New treatment marketing strategy to make sure all of your clients know what you are offering
  • Standard Consent form via your personal Standard Medical History form via your personal Dedicated call line for any enquiries and support
  • Website copy to update your website with the new treatment details
  • Blog copy to notify your clients via your blog
  • Tweet and Facebook post examples for you to use to launch your new treatment