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Lip Filler Training

Lip Filler Training

Do you feel you can meet the demand that the new generation of cliets demand?

For beautiful contoured full lips that are all the rage, you need to attend a lip masterclass that help you stand apart in your industry. Deliver beautiful shaped lips that form a great pout without looking overtreated, just simply pretty and very youthful. Charge premium prices to achieve celebrity style lips everyone desires.

  • This course is for you if you are already offering dermal fillers.
  • If you need to build confidence to achieve great results with lips
  • You want to expand your clinic services
  • You want to increase your younger client database by offering fashionable technique and results
  • You want to improve the results of your customer’s perioral lines
  • You want to improve the results by understanding and experiencing different product viscosities
  • Learn different techniques that allow you to achieve different results to tackle even the trickiest of scenarios

Lip Masterclass

£600 for a Lip Masterclass

all courses are subject to 20% vat