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Tomorrow never comes….

11th January

My 6 year old daughter is the inspiration of today’s blog. After she told me how she achieved her goals just this morning, which got me thinking.

So getting the children ready for school this morning I was was wondering what on earth I could write about in my blog today.  Then I realised my eldest had her Nintendo DS in her hands… now I had actually put it on top of her wardrobe the night before and I didn’t get it down for her. So I asked her how did she get hold of that, thinking her Daddy must have got it down. No… she said, “well… I got the rocking chair, then I got a hanger and I got it down like that!” Of course!!! How else could she have done it. She had a goal, had a plan and implemented it. Are you doing anything radical and out of the ordinary to achieve your goals today. Why why until tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes…