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Recommended Reading – Botox Book

31st December

Thanks to Santa I have gained a great gift to download books… a Kindle! I’m a typical devourer of books, and usually carry around 1 or 2 with me at any time, and suffer with a bad shoulder. Not any more! Now I just grab my Kindle and I can choose any of the books I’ve downloaded so far. I’m averaging 2 downloads per day at the moment, and I’ll try and resist the urge for a few more days. Anyway, back to my point of writing the blog. Today I had the joy of discovering that the book I recommend to everyone is available at over £20 less than it is in hardback: ‘Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetic Medicine’ by Mauricio de Maio and Berthold Rzany. A must have to put on your wish list for recommended reading.