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NEW ** Budget Training Days**

25th August

When times are hard we look to how we can improve our financial situation and entering into self employment can be the answer. Don’t get us wrong, this is not a quick fix situation and a lot of investment can be needed depending on your business’ vision. To help out our delegates who are budget conscious, we have come up with training days just for you! Don’t worry we haven’t scrimped on the most important part of the training – the practical experience. So we haven’t reduced our injectable consumable budget, so there’ll be no passing around the dermal filler syringe on a training day… oh no! Depening on what training you attend, so you could be using up to 5 syringes on one day… and that’s per delegate!

In order not to compromise on training quality we have reduced our frills in other areas:

No confirmation by post

No hard copy presentations

No luxury biscuits

… to check out the full list click here.

You will however, have a maximum ratio of 5:1 (unlike the 4:1 on normal training days) and all of your course material will still be given, but simply download it via your membership login or via your CDRom.