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4th January

Well love them or hate them, the old favourite Bella Magazine, has been sensationalizing Botox side effects across the front of their magazine. Jane McDonald talks about returning to loose women and her ‘Botox Hell’ it said. From the article (see picture) you can see, that she simply had a headache and that put her off. Bella asks: ‘Have you tried Botox?’ Jane replies: “I did try it once, but it gave me headaches. It worked, but I’m not doing it again”

With 23% of people who read magazines (according to media research) showing that they usually trusted and believe advertising in magazines, should we be worried? Well not really as this simply tells us that she had one of the most common side effects associated with having a Botox treatment. All clients must be notified of the side effects associated with any treatment in order to obtain informed consent. What do you think?Botox article