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I’m not a prescriber, can I still train?

6th March

This is a common question that we get asked at Honey Fizz Training. And one that I always love to answer.

Before I answer that question, I’m assuming you’re a medical professional such as an Adult Registered Nurse.

Otherwise, why else would you ask the question, right?

Within your current role, you can administer prescribed medication, and yet you’re not a prescriber. So why should this scenario be any different?

If you’re thinking:

“I’ll be self employed, so I’ll need to get  a prescription for my clients.”

Then you’re right.

All you need to do is, work with a prescriber who is happy to see your clients on a face to face basis. You can either employ the prescriber directly, or pay a prescriber on a self employed basis as a contractor. We’ll give you a list of prescribers that you can call upon who may be able to work in your area.

Now we’re not saying we have an infinite amount of prescribers, who can reach your geographical location.

There are other things you can do to garner a list of prescribers:

  • Either write to local GPs or Dentists
  • Ask your colleagues
  • Call an Aesthetics Recruitment Company who will have a list of prescribers – we’ll give you a company to call
  • Ask your associations – we’ll give you a list of associations
  • Ask your suppliers – we’ll give you a list of suppliers

But don’t stop there. People get sick or go on holiday, life happens. So make sure you build a small team of support in case someone isn’t available

So, in answer to your question, can I still train in facial aesthetics if I’m not a prescriber? The answer is of course yes.