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Hyperhydrosis – Advanced Botox Training Course

1st May

Our Advanced Botox Courses have a Bolt on Hyperhydrosis Training Course, for you to train and be able to deliver Underarm Botox for your clients who are suffering with Underarm Hyperhydrosis.

Although sweating is a natural bodily function to help reduce a person’s body temperature, this can be an unwelcome event and can lead to embarassment, and interfere with a person’s everyday activities (for some people they sweat so much, that they need to change their clothes several times a day). Hyperhydrosis can decrease your client’s quality of life, especially when it impacts on daily activities. The areas of excess sweating can be virtually found on any part of the body. However, the most common problem areas are soles, palms, face, and underarms. So Botulinum Toxin A /Botox Training Courses doesn’t have to be all about anti wrinkle treatments, you can greatly improve confidence from simplydelivering this hyerhydrosis treatment.

Our advanced botox training course, with the advanced Bolt on focuses on underm hyperhydrosis training. Following your Hyperhydrosis training, you will be able to charge your clients £400 per treatment.