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How’s your upsell?

16th April

With the children off school, any blog ideas I have seem to be child based. So rather than bore you rigid, I thought I’d share a classic upsell that my parents got caught up in. Bare with me on this one, it will have a relevance to you and your business.

My parents took the children to a play area in Devon during a caravan weekend, where they decided to upgrade their single day play area pass to a week pass, in case they could return the following weekend. That play area/theme park have played a blinder and give people the impression that could be saving money if they upgrade. So by simply upselling to the customer, the benefits of a week long pass, they have managed to increase their sales. It turns out they won’t be using the week long pass, so the theme park have upsold and the tickets won’t get used. Now what are you doing to increase the sales in your practice? Are you in an area where price is everything? Maybe you want to  offer a no frills service, and yet charge for topical anaesthetic. Maybe you want to offer an annual membership, where your client pays for a ‘face plan’ where they can financially plan for the year ahead. Whatever you’re doing, you need to upsell products and services.  Around 20% of your clients will go for it, so why not give them what they want?

I’d love to hear, what you’re doing in your practice. Why not drop us a line and we can feature you in a our first ever Newsletter…. coming soon!