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5th January

Ahhhhhh, as with all things. We have to learn, make mistakes (sometimes), and learn by them (a definate one!).

Well I was reading a very valid blog post, talking about ‘Building the Courage to break out of your comfort zone’. It quotes a few things, and one being very relevant for us at Honey Fizz today, as I saw a section of our 3 day sale campaign, go out on time (Yippee). Today is the first day of the sale, but oops the second day sale email went out too. No big deal, I just wanted it to go out tomorrow and I can’t take them all back (bohoo). Just goes to show that we’re not all perfect. The important lesson here is to learn from my mistakes and start again. This time as a wiser technology user of email marketing 😉

The quote by the Guest Blogger, Brian Tracey, in Entrepreneur’s Circle is ‘….look upon every step forward as a learning experience and every setback as a valuable lesson that has been sent to you to make you stronger and better…’ and ‘You need to learn to deal with failure by realizing that it is an indispensible prerequisite for success.’