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Dragon’s Den

3rd January

I don’t know about you, but I love watching Dragon’s Den, even when I’m cringing and hiding behind the cushions on the sofa. Well this morning I had the pleasure of hearing Debra Meadon talking on BBC 1 News about how January is the most popular month for starting up a business. What great timing, for our business workshops that we have lined up on January 12th, to discuss Branding, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Secrets as well as the compulsory cheek and lip masterclass sponsored by Lifestyle Aesthetics. Plus our Taster Day at the end of the month is a good source of toe dipping! By toe dipping, we’ve created a type of ‘try before you buy’ where you can watch me in action doing some treatments, and you can hear about the things you need to get your business started and see if this is the right move for you. On Debra’s website she talks about putting all romantic notions of being your own boss to the side, because business is hard work. She’s right, but with the joy of an aesthetic business, you can stop and start the business when you like, work the hours you like and not worry about having premises open all the time. Especially as many practitioners start out in salons or start working from home.