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20th December

The chocolate calendars are being opened at breakfast, the Christmas tree has at last gone up and we’re getting ready for Christmas parties, Christmas Plays, and Christmas Fetes. Alongside the usual fun to juggle stuff like jobs, school picks ups, children’s clubs… oh and visiting relatives and buying Chistmas presents!

The one great thing about having worked my business around my children is that when they break up, so do I. It feels great explaining to customers that I  finish on December 22nd and am coming back again on January 4th. I’m never one to truly shut down, so I’m available to anyone who needs urgent advice about a client over that period.

Of course, I won’t be able to help myself and will still be doing a bit of writing, with lots of new ideas for the New Year, but the feet will definitely come off the pedals and spend more time on the sofa. A lifestyle business to some means a very expensive hobby, but to me it means having the flexibility to ensure my family are in my diary first, and I can dedicate the rest of my time to my customers without my mind being elsewhere.

I’m really looking forward to helping other businesses achieve the same work life balance in 2012.