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Category Archives: Celebrity Examples

Dynasty Icon on Celebrity Big Brother 2015

8 Jan

Can you spot what treatments the Dynasty Icon on Celebrity Big Brother has had? Your customers will be eager to know, both good and bad!

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Celebrity Big Brother and your business

4 Jan

Sometimes Celebrities and their cosmetic treatments can give the industry a bad impression of what treatments can achieve in terms of looking youthful without looking strange or different. So it's really important that we can educate our clients about...

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Will it make the boat go faster? by Ben Hunt-Davis

Competition time

27 Jul

I met with, Ben Hunt-Davis who shared his story about how after 7 years of failing to win gold, he and his rowing team managed to change it all around within 2 years of simply changing their focus and their mind set. It wasn't a case of simply working...

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Simon Cowell has had Botox

Simon Cowell – Looking good

19 Apr

Simon Cowell is said to demand Botox Injections every 6 months, regular colonic irrigation and regular intravenous vitamin injections. Lots of other revelations like massages, chest waxes, tooth caps and dyeing his hair dark, along with taking a saucer...

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Angelina Jolie – Botox Training

16 Feb

How do celebrities looks so great? Well the tell tale signs of Angelina Jolie's treatment is wearing off. What do you think she's had done?

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