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Has your practice got the Xfactor?

9 Oct

Has your Aesthetic Practice go the Xfactor? Do you need to inject some ooph and personality into your Christmas marketing to stand out from your competitors as having the Xfactor? We've all seen it on TV. Some have personality and some blend into the...

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Will it make the boat go faster? by Ben Hunt-Davis

Competition time

27 Jul

I met with, Ben Hunt-Davis who shared his story about how after 7 years of failing to win gold, he and his rowing team managed to change it all around within 2 years of simply changing their focus and their mind set. It wasn't a case of simply working...

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19 Jun

How are you marketing your business? Why not come along to our FREE 7 Steps to Marketing Seminar for all of our Honey Fizz delegates.  It's not all about the marketing, but understanding why and how your clients make buying decisions, so that your marketing...

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7 Steps to Marketing – A huge Success

13 Jun

Today was a huge success for our 7 Steps to Marketing Seminar. Take a look what they had to say about the day here. The day was jam packed with a Buying Process focus, ensuring we looked at the marketing needed to address and fulfil the buying process...

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How’s your upsell?

16 Apr

With the children off school, any blog ideas I have seem to be child based. So rather than bore you rigid, I thought I'd share a classic upsell that my parents got caught up in. Bare with me on this one, it will have a relevance to you and your business. My...

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Part 10 – 11 secrets to website success

8 Mar

Part 10 - Real images mean a lot We have real images on our website. Don't forget if you're clients are shopping around how can they differentiate yours from other people's sites? From a simple quick search I can find many websites with the same old...

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What are you doing….

22 Feb

Stay with me on this one, there's an important message here, that you can implement in your business. Well, I went to Staples today. Not my usual port of call but I needed some printer ink. I usually use a cheaper supplier, who are not only more cost...

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Part 9 – Language (of 11 Secrets to Website Success)

21 Feb

Is your website's language friendly and engaging? It not all about  we, we, we. How about thinking of  'you, you, you' the customer. Does the customer feel like you're engaging with them, does it sound like you are offering them treatments that they...

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Part 6 – Testimonials

14 Feb

What others say about you matters more, than what you say about yourself. Don't just get a single line testiomonial, why not add in a client's name too. Imagine how much more impact your testimonial will have if you add a name and a geographical location....

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4 of your 11 Secrets to website success

18 Jan

Do you have a clear message and branding throughout your business? Think about your company culture, vision and and values and look around your business from your business cards, to your website, to your clinic. Does it ooze the same message throughout...

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