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Hyperhidrosis Training

20 Dec

If you want to introduce a new demographic of clients,  then why not look at working professionals who have high levels of stress in the work place and expire a lot! They may need a service such as Hyperhidrosis treatments right now, and may convert...

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surgical pen

Top Tips – How to mark up for hyperhydrosis treatments

8 Feb

Everybody is different, and everybody loves using different tools. For hyperhydrosis treatments we recommend a surgical pen for marking out the underarms. Although a white pencil is the ideal tool, it rarely works well as you need a dry surface, warm...

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Hyperhydrosis training tools

Top Tips – Hyperhydrosis Procedure

4 Feb

Our top tip today is to use a 'Dredger', a simple kitchen utensil for dusting items with flour or icing sugar.The dredger is a stainless steel utensil that you can store your corn starch in when you're doing hyperhydrosis treatments. Another tip would...

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