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Nurse image on aesthetic trainign course

I’m not a prescriber, can I still train?

6 Mar

This is a common question that we get asked at Honey Fizz Training. And one that I always love to answer. Before I answer that question, I'm assuming you're a medical professional such as an Adult Registered Nurse. Otherwise, why else would you...

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Celebrity Big Brother and your business

4 Jan

Sometimes Celebrities and their cosmetic treatments can give the industry a bad impression of what treatments can achieve in terms of looking youthful without looking strange or different. So it's really important that we can educate our clients about...

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Hyperhidrosis Training

20 Dec

If you want to introduce a new demographic of clients,  then why not look at working professionals who have high levels of stress in the work place and expire a lot! They may need a service such as Hyperhidrosis treatments right now, and may convert...

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surgical pen

Top Tips – How to mark up for hyperhydrosis treatments

8 Feb

Everybody is different, and everybody loves using different tools. For hyperhydrosis treatments we recommend a surgical pen for marking out the underarms. Although a white pencil is the ideal tool, it rarely works well as you need a dry surface, warm...

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Hyperhydrosis training tools

Top Tips – Hyperhydrosis Procedure

4 Feb

Our top tip today is to use a 'Dredger', a simple kitchen utensil for dusting items with flour or icing sugar.The dredger is a stainless steel utensil that you can store your corn starch in when you're doing hyperhydrosis treatments. Another tip would...

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Aesthetic Nursing Courses

11 Sep

Did you know that you can request to join our Aesthetic Nursing Courses that have been specifically designed so that you can attend with fellow nurses. Our aesthetic courses for nurses are designed for nurses and delivered by our aesthetic nurses. So...

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Dr Bob Khanna

Dentists attending Botox Training Courses

5 Aug

Dr Bob Khanna has been renowned for his mark in the aesthetic industry, and delivers a show stopping performance during his training sessions and has demonstrated to Dentists that it is possible to have a successful practice, whilst doing both aesthetic...

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Hyperhydrosis – Advanced Botox Training Course

1 May

Our Advanced Botox Courses have a Bolt on Hyperhydrosis Training Course, for you to train and be able to deliver Underarm Botox for your clients who are suffering with Underarm Hyperhydrosis. Although sweating is a natural bodily function to help reduce...

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Simon Cowell has had Botox

Simon Cowell – Looking good

19 Apr

Simon Cowell is said to demand Botox Injections every 6 months, regular colonic irrigation and regular intravenous vitamin injections. Lots of other revelations like massages, chest waxes, tooth caps and dyeing his hair dark, along with taking a saucer...

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4 Jan

Well love them or hate them, the old favourite Bella Magazine, has been sensationalizing Botox side effects across the front of their magazine. Jane McDonald talks about returning to loose women and her 'Botox Hell' it said. From the article (see picture)...

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