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Hyperhydrosis training tools

Top Tips – Hyperhydrosis Procedure

4 Feb

Our top tip today is to use a 'Dredger', a simple kitchen utensil for dusting items with flour or icing sugar.The dredger is a stainless steel utensil that you can store your corn starch in when you're doing hyperhydrosis treatments. Another tip would...

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Are you ‘dancing’ on thin ice?

28 Jan

Are you fed up of the Jason Gardiner's of the NHS? Do you want more flexibility around family life? Do you crave a better work life balance? If you're considering moving careers but want to keep the most important aspect of any nursing career- job...

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Gummy Smile Training Courses and Treatments

17 Jan

Your clients with Gummy Smiles, often think the appearance of their upper teeth is overshadowed by excessive gum tissue. Why not create an anonymous questionnaire for your clients to see if they are of the following opinions: 1. Do they think their...

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Aesthetic Nursing Courses

11 Sep

Did you know that you can request to join our Aesthetic Nursing Courses that have been specifically designed so that you can attend with fellow nurses. Our aesthetic courses for nurses are designed for nurses and delivered by our aesthetic nurses. So...

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NEW ** Budget Training Days**

25 Aug

When times are hard we look to how we can improve our financial situation and entering into self employment can be the answer. Don't get us wrong, this is not a quick fix situation and a lot of investment can be needed depending on your business' vision....

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Dr Bob Khanna

Dentists attending Botox Training Courses

5 Aug

Dr Bob Khanna has been renowned for his mark in the aesthetic industry, and delivers a show stopping performance during his training sessions and has demonstrated to Dentists that it is possible to have a successful practice, whilst doing both aesthetic...

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Hyperhydrosis – Advanced Botox Training Course

1 May

Our Advanced Botox Courses have a Bolt on Hyperhydrosis Training Course, for you to train and be able to deliver Underarm Botox for your clients who are suffering with Underarm Hyperhydrosis. Although sweating is a natural bodily function to help reduce...

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Approved advanced practitioner logo

Approved Practitioner – Aesthetic Training

17 Mar

We often get asked 'How do I become an approved practitioner?' It's simple really, whether you've completed your basic training and advanced training with us, or you do the basic training elsewhere and come to us for your advanced training. We will...

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Botox Training course venue

Botox Training Venues

17 Mar

We have various training venues across the country and we're often asked can we do training elsewhere. Well the answer is yes. Our trainers are happy to travel and if we get a lot of demand from certain areas like Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow, Scotland...

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Angelina Jolie – Botox Training

16 Feb

How do celebrities looks so great? Well the tell tale signs of Angelina Jolie's treatment is wearing off. What do you think she's had done?

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