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Part 10 – 11 secrets to website success

8 Mar

Part 10 - Real images mean a lot We have real images on our website. Don't forget if you're clients are shopping around how can they differentiate yours from other people's sites? From a simple quick search I can find many websites with the same old...

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Part 9 – Language (of 11 Secrets to Website Success)

21 Feb

Is your website's language friendly and engaging? It not all about  we, we, we. How about thinking of  'you, you, you' the customer. Does the customer feel like you're engaging with them, does it sound like you are offering them treatments that they...

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Part 8 – Telephone Number

17 Feb

Make sure your telephone number is on the top right hand corner of your website. Ask yourself what is your website for? If it's to get calls to make appointments, then you need your contact number to be prominent for all visitors to see. Don't forget...

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Part 7 – Make it personal

15 Feb

How many of you hide behind your website to promote yourself and your business? I see so many pretty websites, that I critique and I think hey I'd buy from them. But looking deeper, if I was a customer I'd start to get niggling doubts about who the company...

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Part 6 – Testimonials

14 Feb

What others say about you matters more, than what you say about yourself. Don't just get a single line testiomonial, why not add in a client's name too. Imagine how much more impact your testimonial will have if you add a name and a geographical location....

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Part 5 – Navigation Matters

19 Jan

Some things don't change, and some things don't need to change and the Navigation bar of your website is one of them. The key things here is to keep it simple so clients who land on your website find it easy to look around for what they want. Make...

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4 of your 11 Secrets to website success

18 Jan

Do you have a clear message and branding throughout your business? Think about your company culture, vision and and values and look around your business from your business cards, to your website, to your clinic. Does it ooze the same message throughout...

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Part 3 – 11 Secrets to Website Success

17 Jan

Part 3, well if you've signed up to our 11 Secrets to Website Success webinar, you'll see that this is actually my first point. What is the Purpose of your Website? You should after all, know why you're setting up a website in the first place?...

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2nd Secret to Website Success

16 Jan

Ok, so we looked at Part 1, which was first impressions count. Now we need to look at the main sections of your homepage. After all, you may have spent a bit of money getting your client to your website, now you need to capture your client attention,...

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11 Secrets to Website Success – Part 1

16 Jan

Here's the start of my New Year's Resolution. Sharing all of my business knowledge that I have gained over the years. For the next 11 days I'll be sharing everything about what I believe makes a website successful. Point 1 - First Impressions Count-...

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