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Anti Wrinkle Injection Training

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Botox stops the messages being sent from the neuromuscluar junction to the muscle to make it contract. So why should we care about that? Well, when we stop the muscle action, we prevent the muscle from contracting that cause the wrinkles. This is by far the number one treatment in the UK and is a must to add to your aesthetic treatment portfolio and is one of the places to start when considering what to add to your skill set.

With the Complete Level Training at Honey Fizz, you will learn a comprehensive list of aesthetic indications that can be treated with Botulinum Toxin A. We will help build your confidence beforehand, by giving you mannequins to practice on before moving on to live models provided. We are so confident that we offer a better service that we will price match any course that gives you a written guarantee of the same service.

Don’t just believe us:

“The best thing is the size of the group so we were able to participate instead of waiting our turn. Now I need to put it all into practice!!”
Marcia Beynon, District Nurse, Swansea

Basic Botox Training

This level gives you an introduction to Botulinum Toxin A treatments to the upper face. The most common indications that are treated in the aesthetic industry. These techniques will give you the basic knowledge needed to start offering these treatments to your clients.


  • 1 Day Training
  • Crows feet, frown and forehead lines


Advanced Botox Training

The Advanced level of Botulinum Toxin Training consists of lower face Botulinum Toxin Treatments, that are perfect for complimenting and enhancing lower face dermal filler treatments. Areas include peri oral (smoker’s lines), masseter, chin and neck. Delegates must have already completed the Basic Botulinum Toxin training before embarking on this course.


  • 1 days training
  • Case Studies
  • CPD Portfolio


Course Fees:

£699 for Basic Botulinum Toxin Training
£599 for Advanced Botulinum Toxin Training
*For our money back guarantee, go to our terms and conditions page here.

All courses are subject to 20% vat