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11 Secrets to Website Success – Part 1

16th January

Here’s the start of my New Year’s Resolution. Sharing all of my business knowledge that I have gained over the years. For the next 11 days I’ll be sharing everything about what I believe makes a website successful.

Point 1 – First Impressions Count- FACT!

Like it or not, you have to make sure you website looks great. After all first impressions count, and you never get a second chance to make a first impression! I’m not just talking pretty colours, but the feel of your website too. Does it make people feel they can trust you and your business? Do they believe you can deliver what you promise? Do they even know what the website is all about? Are you actually getting the message across about the services that you’re offering?

I often get told by practitioners that there can’t possibly be a call for aesthetic treatments in their area, and they can’t understand why their website doesn’t generate any business at all. One nurse said she gets 45 unique hits per day and yet doesn’t get a single call. My top tip, is to print a screenshot of your website’s homepage, look at it objectively, show it to strangers. Don’t show it to friends, family and colleagues as they may not want to hurt your feelings by telling you the truth. Ask for an objective, constructive critisicm of what they see, how they feel and what they think about it. Why not print of your competitor’s websites too and see which looks best?