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100% Money Back Guarantee

Did you know that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on our Basic Dermal Filler and Basic Botulinum Toxin Training Courses (excludes budget training days)

So how does it work? Should we not deliver any of these, you will be entitled to a 100% Money Back Guarantee:

  • We guarantee you will have a maximum ratio of 1:4
  • We guarantee you will treat each treatment area that you have booked on to train in
  • We guarantee you will have a mannequin to practice on before moving onto live models
  • We guarantee our training is approved by Hamilton Fraser insurance

***You must notify us at the end of your training day if you are not satisfied entirely that the above has been delivered. Before embarking on the practical experience, you will be asked if you are satisfied with the theory before moving to the practical session. If you believe we have not delivered the practical requirements of treating each treatment area that you have booked on to treat, and you are still dissatisfied we will ensure that we rectify this situation before. Should you still be unhappy we will offer an additional training day for you to attend free of charge within 90 days. In order for 100% Money Back to be issued, we must be made aware of our failure to deliver on the training day. As a result you will not be issued with a certificate and all training material must be left behind in the classroom. Simply deciding that this industry is not for you doesn’t apply to our Money Back Guarantee. So don’t worry, if you’re still unsure about this industry make sureyou attend our next Taster Day to give you an idea of the directions that you can take your business and watch live treatments being performed before making the decision to commit to our training courses.