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Taster Day

This day will give you great sound advice on how to start thinking with regards to setting up in business, and will give you a great insight into how treatments are delivered in real life. No flash cameras or editing involved, see it raw for yourself and make sure this is the right move for you.

The day will be several workshops and seminars:

  1.  An overview of treatments that are involved in the aesthetic industry and the possible paths you can take.
  2.  My top 3 tips you need to know for starting up quickly, and how our newest delegate did this to get known in her area very quickly!
  3.  A demonstration and discussion on the top treatments, that you can perform and how you can make £550 profit in under an hour!

This taster day comes in at only £50, and is a great way to see if this is the right move for you to make, before investing time and money into a new career. Not only that, but to make sure you’re choosing the right training company too. Test us and find out for yourself! Our next Taster Day dates can be found here.