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Everything is not as it seems

30th April

But we knew that right? So how come we have these pressures on us? How come instant social media images seem so real? Yet, they aren't.   Our clients and potential clients are feeling the pressures of these everday images, and the pressures...

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Models Needed

6th April

As part of our training, our delegates need willing participants to have treatments during the training day. The benefit for you being a model is that you will receive a treatment at a discounted rate. In return you must be happy to consent to...

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Nurse image on aesthetic trainign course

I’m not a prescriber, can I still train?

6th March

This is a common question that we get asked at Honey Fizz Training. And one that I always love to answer. Before I answer that question, I'm assuming you're a medical professional such as an Adult Registered Nurse. Otherwise, why else would you...

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Dynasty Icon on Celebrity Big Brother 2015

8th January

Can you spot what treatments the Dynasty Icon on Celebrity Big Brother has had? Your customers will be eager to know, both good and bad!

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Is Marcus Collins going to be in Celebrity Big Brother tonight?

7th January

Here is the before and after image of him after he had Botox/ Azzalure/ Bocouture when he was in the XFactor, he favourited our Twitter post back in Feb 2014 after he had a chemical peel up in Liverool. Why not follow us on Twitter here, and keep up with...

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Celebrity Big Brother and your business

4th January

Sometimes Celebrities and their cosmetic treatments can give the industry a bad impression of what treatments can achieve in terms of looking youthful without looking strange or different. So it's really important that we can educate our clients about...

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New Year, New Career, New Business

3rd January

Did you know that January is the most likely time for people to start up their own business? Data says that if you're over 40 you could be the perfect entrepreneur. Women accounted for under a third of the those in self employment, but over half the...

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Hyperhidrosis Training

20th December

If you want to introduce a new demographic of clients,  then why not look at working professionals who have high levels of stress in the work place and expire a lot! They may need a service such as Hyperhidrosis treatments right now, and may convert...

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Cannula and Magic Needles.

2nd September

Are you wondering what all the fuss is about with the magic needle, also known as dermal filler treatments with cannulas?   Until now needles have traditionally been sharp edged and pointed which can cut through the skin and cause trauma, bruising...

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Microneedling demands increase

14th August

Microneedling treatments have become more and more popular. One reason is the public's increasing awareness of this treatment on TV and in magazines. A another is the practitioners are getting the word out there to their clients thanks to the recent Royal...

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