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Some of you will be asking, well who are you? So why not check out who we are here. Or you may be wondering why we’ve changed our identity. Well we were formerly known as Aesthetic Academy +, but decided to rebrand to get our message across that we are more than just a training company. We want you to know we are here for you… every step of the way. Not just for your aesthetic skills, but for business skills and for moral support and networking too. We want you to feel supported. We deliver this promise on every level and even 100% Money Back Guarantee for all training courses taken in South East Wales. Click here to read more.

Why not check out our trainers be clicking the Our Team link to the left, or by clicking here. You will see that our main trainers, are fully immersed in the world of aesthetics. Aesthetics isn’t a part time job for them, they work Full Time in this field and so you will have the benefit of great experience in business and in the techniques you’ll be delivering.